Inshore Benefits makes it easy for businesses to manage employer-sponsored and voluntary ancillary coverage for their employees.

That’s because we offer:

• One paperless enrollment application
• A variety of product options
• Consolidated billing

Our online technology tools also provide a convenient enrollment experience for employees. Inshore Benefits’ ancillary plans include dental and vision products. They’re offered through our trusted carrier partners, who provide quality products for employees and their families.

If you are experiencing any hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please know that we are here to support you in these trying times. Feel free to call our office, and we will be happy to assist in any way we can. You can reach us at (800) 786-6525. For carrier-specific COVID-19 assistance, please use the links below:

Delta Dental

Group plans

Our group plans allow employers to provide dental and vision coverage to their employees. We’ll help businesses find the right plans for their employees, whether employer-sponsored or voluntary.

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Individual plans

An individual plan allows anyone to obtain coverage for themselves and/or family members. We can help someone find an individual plan, whether dental, vision or another line of ancillary coverage.

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About Inshore Benefits

The employee benefits world has been evolving rapidly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and it’s clear that agents must continue selling different products to continue bringing value to their clients.

Inshore Benefits provides a wide array of ancillary products for the smallest employer group up to any case size. Also, our products can be sold as voluntary for payroll deduction. We even have plans that that can start with just one employee enrolling.